Sunday, September 1, 2013


Here it is, almost finished. I had several reasons for wanting to work on this. I liked the bright lights and shadows, that's always what catches my attention first. Then the perspective of "being" among the blossoms, looking up slightly. I also was drawn to the contrast of the reddish background and the pink flowers, after I saw the digital image on my camera. And finally, because I don't usually like the color pink, at least not the washed out "baby blanket" pinks, or the Bepto pinks, I had to prove to myself that I can work with shades of pink. Also as far as hardness of colored pencils goes, pink is a very soft and creamy consistency and those pencils often give me problems. Yellow is another color like that. I feel they have to be applied sparingly and in many layers to achieve the result I want to see. Those were my reasons for going outside of my comfort zone with PINK :)

Below is the finished product! I named it "Tiptoed through the Tulips". Prismacolor Premier and Derwent Colorsoft on white Mi-teintes Paper. Approx 8x10 

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