Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gourd babies growing up

The gourd babies are getting bigger. I took these pictures this morning, in the bright morning sun, with a hint of fall in the air. Barron also had to get into the picture checking on the progress. I was told by several people that I will have to somehow protect these babies through the winter.... winter? ... in Louisiana? Well, yes , it can get cold here, but that usually doesn't happen until after Christmas. I am hoping to get the plants well established during the autumn months and if/when it does get cold to protect them to the best of my ability so I will have a head start come spring. We will see...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Progress on the fleur de lis

I'm back, meaning my allergies are mostly under control now, and being the control freak I am, I like that very much! ;) 

Here is what progress I have made on my son's fleur de lis. The light was not very good and the colors are darker than what they really are, but I like the way the flames are coming along. I am hoping to finish the flames this weekend and maybe start on the back ground. I am still concerned about the back ground, I need something to pull it all together.