Sunday, August 23, 2009


If you click on the title of this post you will go to the Creative Art Connection blog and see some excellent pictures of the gourd work we did this weekend, taken by our historian Marilyn Brinker. It was very informative and so much fun!!! ... but my hands are still sore! I never realized how much work goes into some of these gourds and I have a whole new appreciation for the artists working with them. This is truly art!

And here is a fuzzy picture of my finished gourd, this is the "class" gourd, not the one I cleaned last weekend, sitting on my fire place mantle. Like I said my hands are still hurting, maybe that accounts for the fuzzies?!? Marilyn has a better picture of it on the CAC blog. Look for the one with the leaf.

This is the gourd I cleaned. I love the colors and shimmer of gold. I will try to work on this some today, if my fingers let me. I just painted it during the work shop and I thought if I learn how to do some of the more intricate work during the workshop, I can continue on my own. We will see.
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