Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gourds in progress

This is one of the gourds I cleaned for the workshop. It's a work in progress at this point. I am not sure how it will end up.

I have some amber beads I would love to incorporate into this design among other things. I am waiting on the gourd to tell me how it wants to look :)

speak gourd... speak! ;)

and then there were 8!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Proud Parent of.....

Just for fun I put a few gourd seeds into a little dirt last weekend, just to see what if anything would happen... and guess what??!!!!

Baby Gourds

Difference in light...

I took these two picture just the other day, early evening to be exact, because I re-arranged my little studio again. It's like building a nest, if everything doesn't feel just right it's difficult to concentrate and be creative (just like laying an egg sometime LOL). I was having trouble with the natural lighting. The window faces north btw. I think my drafting table has been turn every possible way by now. This time it feels right :)


If you click on the title of this post you will go to the Creative Art Connection blog and see some excellent pictures of the gourd work we did this weekend, taken by our historian Marilyn Brinker. It was very informative and so much fun!!! ... but my hands are still sore! I never realized how much work goes into some of these gourds and I have a whole new appreciation for the artists working with them. This is truly art!

And here is a fuzzy picture of my finished gourd, this is the "class" gourd, not the one I cleaned last weekend, sitting on my fire place mantle. Like I said my hands are still hurting, maybe that accounts for the fuzzies?!? Marilyn has a better picture of it on the CAC blog. Look for the one with the leaf.

This is the gourd I cleaned. I love the colors and shimmer of gold. I will try to work on this some today, if my fingers let me. I just painted it during the work shop and I thought if I learn how to do some of the more intricate work during the workshop, I can continue on my own. We will see.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gourd sculpture!

One of my friends form the Creative Art Connection brought some gourds (already cleaned) for anybody who wanted to give them a good home. Now I have this "sculpture" decorating my fire place hearth. The gourd on the very right is another one I cleaned today and I think she fits perfectly with the rest of the bunch. She reminds of a genie bottle... I still might do something different with her... one of these days.

Gourds 101

I mentioned the gourd workshop in a previous post, well today was the day of cleaning and prep work. I had no idea that just cleaning the gourds could be so much fun, of course the company I was in helped a lot too. The cleaning took place outside since gourds can be very "moldy" and really nasty looking at first sight, and you don't want that stuff in your house. I don't have a picture of the before and after, but believe me, these gourds were not a pretty sight. It didn't help that they had been soaking in water for a while too to make them easier to clean.

After donning masks and gloves we went to work scrubbing them, the outside that is, with metal pot scrubbers. You then scape of anything else bumpy or lumpy with metal scrapers until your gourd has a very nice smooth outer finish. Next we let them dry in the by now very warm Louisiana sunshine, while we took a break with coffee and artsy conversations in the shade of a beautiful magnolia tree.

Then we cut into the gourds. Here is were the creative part starts, because you have to decide how you want to cut your gourd. Do you want to "decapitate" it, or just remove a slice of it to get to the inside. What do you want your gourd to look like when it is finished? Here is my gourd, which I ended up laying on it's side since it didn't want to lose it's crooked neck and head.

Again we used the scrapers to clean the inside and finally drilled a series of holes around the opening. Now my gourd is resting on a towel to dry out completely and to wait for next weekends "dressing up" party.

more fleur de lis ideas

I was just playing the other day and this is a new idea of mine. The very simple beginning of "Four Seasons Louisiana Style".... this is summer in the making:

Busy, busy day!

Here is the latest update on the firefighter's fleur de lis. Sis, if the boots look to perfect... it's the photographers fault! ;) It is difficult for me to take a good picture unless I take the drawing outside and I don't go through that much trouble until after it is completed.
I also have a very out-of-focus close-up of the fire hydrant.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer 2009

It's been a busy summer so far. I have taken a watercolor workshop in July and this month a workshop on gourds. One weekend for the cleaning and prep work and the next weekend for whatever it is you do to decorate a gourd. I have seen on several websites that people use colored pencils to draw on gourds, right up my alley! :)

The workshops are held by the "Creative Art Connection" and taught by members. It's been interesting so far and I do have something to show for the watercolor work shop, just need to take a picture. Deep down the class has tought me one thing.... I will never be a watercolorist! .... (never say never)... I am much to detail oriented (in other words: this control freak can't give it up to a few paints in tubes and brushes!) I do like the painting I created but I want to finish it using colored pencils. I can see myself using WC for background work or to cover large areas, but I always feel drawn to the detail.