Sunday, June 28, 2009

After transferring the image...

taken without flash

I transferred the image to Vellum and started laying down the first layer of colored pencil on the boots. In these pictures the boots are just about down. I am working on the colors of the fire hydrant, the helmet, the tools etc. I am working this drawing in a different sequence than I normally approach a drawing. Normally I work on the background first and then the details. Here, as you can see I am working on the details first. The reason.... I have no clue what I want the background to look like. I want to do something with flames and smoke, maybe?? I hope the colors in the details will eventually give me the idea for the background and how to finish the drawing.

taken with flash

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yet another WIP

My son sort of "commisioned" this one. He is a volunteer firefighter and paramedic. He and his wife love to decorate their home with the fleur de lis, an important symbol of Louisiana's past and present, especially since Katrina.

I have made several pencil studies first and this is the final result. I want to do it in colored pencil with maybe a little fluid acrylic. I have to see how it develops.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Very upset :(

The painting below under the heading "Losing it".... I lost it. I am very upset... it's my fault .... i ruined it.... i tore it up... i am depressed

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Really going wild! ;)

This painting was also started during the Dyanne Locati workshop. It is mixed media - tissue paper, fluid acrylics and colored pencil on canvas.
I have a lot of fun at the moment working with fluid acrylics, especially on canvas. I had forgotten the "feel" of working on canvas and this painting has brought back a lot of memories. Both works are using only the 3 primary colors, blue, red and yellow which are "mixed" directly on the surface.

Losing control ;)

I love my colored pencils and the control I have with them, but sometimes you have to lose it and go wild :) As a young woman my style always leaned toward the abstract. But I learned that I need both in my life and for now I am going through an abstract phase. Here is one of paintings I have been working on. I started it during the Dyanne Locati workshop. The colors are brighter in the real thing. It is mixed media - fluid acrylics, light modeling paste, black gesso and colored pencil on Strathmore 140 pd cold press watercolor paper.